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Successful Personal Investing – Testimonials

Learn to invest – Successful Personal Investing

Here are some of the thoughts our readers have shared with us.

“My net worth has increased by 44% the first year following SPI advice and is on line for another 30% to 40% gain this year – many thanks.”
Mr. P.M. Peterborough

“…the plainness of language makes it easy to follow. I’ve been making steady gains since I started…”
P.G., Newton Abbot:

H.P., Guernsey

“…an £85,000 profit. I certainly wouldn’t have achieved that level of success without the help of the course. I simply cannot praise it enough.”
 A.P., Bracknell

“Very impressive – straightforward and down to earth.”
S.B., Chippenham

“Through your advice my investments have increased by over £30,000 in the past 6 months.”
G.H., West Bridgeford

“…made a 25% profit in the first 10 months, which had increased to 126% after almost 14 months.”
R.S., Northampton

“I have already increased the amount of interest received on my savings by about 40%.”   
C.S., Coningsby

“Marvellous!… My eyes have been well and truly opened.”
C.F., Hastings

“SPI gave me the confidence to get started. Very small at first, but now every year I use my ISA allowance to take me another step forward to my goals”.
D.A, Buckinghamshire

“I’m suspicious of “get-rich-quick” schemes. But the course is not a bit like that. It’s delivered exactly what it said it would. I’m absolutely delighted with it.”
 T.G., Devon

“…Truly independent…particularly the inside information.”
M.G., Walsall

“You don’t have to have lots of time…I only ever spend about an hour a week on it.”  
D.S.N., Southall

“When I first received correspondence from you I was sceptical… after reading Lesson One I knew I’d made the right choice.” 
L.M., Hampstead

“I vowed to take charge of my own finances, and I’ve never looked back. I think the course is brilliant and would recommend it to anyone.”
P.J.G., Leicester