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Successful Personal Investing – Learn To Invest The Trusted Way.

Successful Personal Investing is the unique home study investment guide read by over half a million UK investors since its inception in 1987. Whether you are approaching retirement or just starting your working life, SPI will teach you step by step how to invest to build wealth and make the best use of your money for your future.

SPI provides clear insight to all aspect of investment with clear jargon-free language that we can all understand.  Take a look at SPI for yourself with a free trial. The Free Trial is just that – free, no obligations. And the First Lesson is yours to keep – regardless of your decision to continue or not.

Learn to invest with the truly independent guide to investing

SPI is modular, building over time into the investing knowledge that you need. All SPI Lessons are sent without payment in advance; you read them, keep the parts that you want, and return any that are not suitable. A bit like picking the chapters you want from a book. This is our reassurance to readers that looking at SPI is completely without risk.

  • No commitments – take what you want, stop when your needs are met
  • Completely up-to-date, each Lesson produced ‘on demand’ for you
  • Read in your own time
  • Plain English – jargon-free
  • Paper based on sustainable stock, no computers required
  • Much cheaper than an IFA at £150 per hour

What SPI readers say:

 ” I have – with your teaching – now established my investments to my satisfaction.  Thank you for all you have taught me.”, Dr. R.POxfordshire

” Marvellous!… My eyes have been well and truly opened..”, C.F., Hastings

“A sure fire winner. After using just a small amount of the information in Lesson 1, I made a fantastic tax free profit of £3,450! Thanks a million.”, C.H., Glasgow    

“This course has been the best value for money that I have ever spent.”, G.H., Bridgeford         

“SPI is an investment in it’s own right..”, C.S., Coningsby                            

SPI will show you:

  • How to choose the best investment for you
  • How to use money to make money
  • The ins-and-outs of the stockmarket from basics to advanced techniques
  • How to profit from shares even when the stockmarket is falling
  • Profits and perils of the penny stock market
  • To plan for retirement – use the 7 powerful tax breaks for private pensions
  • How to pick your way through the choices of ISAs, gilts, debentures
  • How to make the most of tax allowances we all have
  • Investing to secure your children’s future – plan for schools, university, first cars and homes
  • How to combine pleasure with profit – from gemstones, wine and antiques to rare coins and classic cars
  • Other investing strategies and techniques that most of us would never hear about

SPI is continually revised and updated, so even in volatile times it is the perfect source of investing and financial planning advice.

As well as the Successful Personal Investing course, there is also….

  • When you continue with SPI get investment bible ‘One Up On Wall Street’ written by Peter Lynch, with our compliments
  • 3 FREE copies, and then a 10% discount on a subscription to The IRS Report, the newsletter of Successful Personal Investing
  • Annual revised Tax Facts Summary Card
  • Keep your course continually updated when complete with the Update Service
  • Preferential rates for any of our group seminars or one-to-one training

In SPI you’ll find your path to financial understanding laid clearly, explained in plain simple English. As either an investing beginner or novice, someone just realising that “there must be another way”, or a more mature investor seeking information or confirmation of ideas and principles, SPI will teach you how to invest. Describing all of the options that you may understand how best to invest for you, or that you can talk on even terms with your chosen advisor, SPI has the UK’s truly independent beginners guide to investing for over 25 years.

With SPI you can study all of the aspects of investing, and learn about them in your own time. All Lessons are supplied to you without charge, so that you may review them and only pay if you want to keep them within your course. Your only obligation is to return any Lesson not suitable, within the agreed timeframe.

Only one person really cares about your financial future – you

Successful Personal Investing from Independent Research Services is the unique home-study course that has taught thousands of people (over 500,000 have read SPI) about investment and money management for over 25 years: learn to invest with basic principles to behind-the-scenes advice and sophisticated investing techniques for building wealth progressively, wisely. It is this investing know-how that allows you to make your money work 24 hours a day, while you are sleeping or even on holiday. Using the right techniques to invest, money multiplies even faster. But first, you have to make the decision to build wealth. Then take deliberate action, learn a few proven investing techniques and then apply them systematically over time. Now let me tell you why YOU should acquire this decisive know-how. Because your bank manager, or broker, or accountant rely on selling you their investing services. It is in their interest to sell you more and more of them. But nobody has as keen an interest in your financial investment success as you have. This is so very important. Your financial success is more important to yourself than to any other person in the world.

You’ll be surprised at how much hidden money you can uncover every year to invest. Money you probably didn’t realise you had! Our E-booklet “30 Ways to Find £2000” is your FREE when you take a trial.

You’ll see how easy it is to learn how to invest; to evaluate personal pension plans, ISAs, shares, property, unit trusts, investment trusts, fixed interest investments. Simple strategies that can slash your tax bill, the “cash cow” areas of investing and money management.

Learn in detail about a number of simple behind-the-scenes investing techniques that you don’t usually get to find out about. Many can boost your results 20, 30, or even 50% in just months. The Successful Personal Investing course is organised in such a way that you spend less than 15 minutes a day with it but your potential reward is access to a lifetime of financial successes.

But don’t take me at my word. Take a look at the first two Lessons of the SPI programme and you can see for yourself. And if you decide this is not made for you, there is no obligation. You risk nothing. SPI can teach you the secrets that can pave the way to creating and managing a fortune worthy of the name. And I’ll prove this to you without asking for one penny.

Get the first SPI Lesson FREE! Order now!

You can receive the First Lesson absolutely FREE and the second lesson under no obligation whatsoever. IRS allows you ten days to examine them. Then if you are not entirely convinced this course is made for you, simply return Lesson 2 to us. No questions asked. All Lessons are priced the same at £14.75 each, plus postage and packing. 

Remember. You DON’T PAY for SPI in advance. And, almost uniquely, we NEVER take a Direct Debit or credit card number from you in advance, leaving you to remember to cancel it.


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